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    Pet Release Form

  • At Aussie Pet Mobile Montgomery we want your pet’s grooming experience to be pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. It is important to understand that some pets respond to grooming differently, even with the best efforts. We make every effort to make it a positive experience.

    Sometimes pre-existing conditions arise unforeseen to our groomers, such as skin allergies, shampoo allergies, moles, clipper sensitivity, matting and tangles, fleas, fear, behavioral issues, bone or joint sensitivity, heart condition, seizures, etc. It is helpful that you, as the pet owner, inform us of anything that you are aware of prior to grooming.

    Severely matted coats will require a shave down. We are happy to show you how to care for your pet’s coat in the future, however we cannot brush out a coat that is already severely matted due to the stress and the pain it will cause your pet. Your pet may be nicked or cut because we have to work so closely to the skin to remove the coat. We are very careful, but it is possible an injury may occur.

    Current Vaccinations/Veterinarian Information: Puppies and kittens must have completed all their shots before the first groom. By signing this contract, owners verify their pets are current on Rabies, Distemper and Parvo-Virus.

    Hold Harmless Agreement: I hereby release Aussie Pet Mobile Montgomery from any responsibility of accidents, parasites, medical problems or other problems that may be uncovered while the grooming service is being performed. I hold harmless Aussie Pet Mobile Montgomery from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the undersigned pet, either known or unknown.

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