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Montgomery County is a great place to run with your dog. Running with your dog can help both you and your pup stay happy and healthy. Here are some of our top tips for running in Montgomery County with your dog.

  • Run close to home. If you are just starting to run with your dog, pick a route that is close to home. Expand your radius around Montgomery County once you know your dog can handle longer distances.
  • Beware of hot pavement. On hot days, the pavement can be extremely dangerous for your pet’s paws. Choose to run early on hot days or go without your dog if necessary. 
  • Find some trails. Trails are perfect for hot days and getting your dog used to different terrain. Be sure to stay on safe trails and keep a lookout for pests.
  • Keep your dog hydrated. Just as you need to stay hydrated on runs, so does your dog. Bring a dog-specific water bottle along that has a reservoir for your dog to drink out of.
  • Run to and from the dog park. If you are looking to really get some energy out, run to and from a local dog park around Montgomery County. 
  • Always use a leash. Whether you are running around Montgomery County on the streets or on trails, you should always use a leash. Even well-trained dogs are safest when using a leash.